Denise Page
Worship Leader

Denise Page is a Pastor’s wife, mother, grandmother and homemaker.  In the church she works with our children as well as being our instrumentalist and Music Leader.  She assists in outreach and organization in the church as well as functions as our church clerk.  Denise believes that our God wants our time much more than our money, however it is important to give God back that portion of which he has blessed us with and more.  She has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Nursing with 38 years of experience in Intensive Care nursing along with both hospital and office management.  She has been working as a Director of Quality Assurance with 35 years experience in this area.  Denise believes we should all have a Godly balance in our lives putting God first, our family second and lay work third.  When that is in the correct order, then God blesses us richly.



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