Small Group Ministry

Small group ministry is lay-led groups that deepen and expand the ministry of a congregation.  They are a vital part of spiritual growth.
Two key focuses are intimacy, or building community and deepening relationships, and ultimacy, or the opportunity for deeper spiritual exploration and search for meaning.  Small group ministry is also called covenant group ministry, because the members in a group make an intentional commitment to one another.
Characteristics common to most small group ministry:
   – Meets on a regular basis (weekly, twice monthly, etc.)
   – Opportunities for check-in and a spiritual growth focus
   – An open group concept — welcoming new members and birthing new groups
   – Facilitator/apprentice approach — nurturing new leaders for new groups
   – Collaboration — facilitators meeting monthly with church leaders for ongoing training/support
   – Concept of service to the church or community.
A small group is usually made up of eight to ten people.  Groups of this size provide an ideal opportunity to relate on an intentional level.
Group is a gathering of individuals, sometimes selected at random, sometimes seleted for a specific interest or characteristic.

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